Coronavirus has brought forth unforeseen challenges to newsrooms and photographers who are still trying to document life. As cities, regulations, and fatality rates are constantly changing with the threat of the virus, the world’s photographers are limited to what and where they can shoot. When San Francisco State University pulled the plug on in-person classes for the spring semester, the journalism department was faced with a huge obstacle

Although reporters and photographers scattered amidst their hometowns or with their families, there is still a story to tell. Our goal for the “House Arrest” project is to answer the question: “What does it look like for a student photographer to live under the shelter-in-place order?” We hope to share relatable moments, unexpected surprises, and shed a new light on what it is like to be a social documentarian during these unpredictable times.

Producing this project are 14 photojournalism students shooting from their homes all across California. With a variety of different living situations, our team weaves a story of their lives during a global pandemic.